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Providing a more detailed assessment of the risks and layers of protection

associated with hazard scenarios

Layer of Protection Analysis

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a semiquantitative tool typically used after completion of a well-documented process hazard analysis (PHA) or any other qualitative hazard evaluation for analyzing and assessing risk. It often uses order of magnitude categories for initiating event frequencies, consequence severity and the likelihood of failure of independent protection layers (IPL) to estimate a specific scenario's risk.


With a set of rules from the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and company standards, LOPA can be a consistent, reproducible method of evaluating the risk of scenarios, and that's why its use has been gaining traction in the chemical industry. 


In addition to its popularity in the industry, LOPA, also known as Safeguard Protection Analysis (SPA), is required by Cal/OSHA GISO 5189.1 and CalARP 19 CCR 2762.2.1, which states that for each scenario from the PHA that can result in a major incident, the company must complete a written SPA which determines the effectiveness of existing, recommended and alternative safeguards from the analysis.

LOPA Facilitation

SALTEGRA is experienced in LOPA having facilitated studies across a broad range of industries. Our sessions are detailed, engaging but succinct. Our approach follows the standard requirements of LOPA; however, we utilize the latest available innovative technologies and information from the industry, as well as strategies and techniques borrowed from other industries. This allows us to efficiently evaluate hazards and safeguards while reducing session times by as much as 30%.


LOPA Preparation Support

With LOPA becoming the technique of choice by companies, the need to have quality and timely preparation is important for your process. 


Remove the busy work from your PSM group and let us handle the preparation. Saltegra's experience over the years of facilitating PHA and LOPA studies has allowed us to developed systems and techniques to efficiently get the deliverables ready for you.


Some companies use multiple facilitators for their PHA and LOPA studies, the benefit of having us complete the preparation work allows for consistent preparation documentation based on your requirements. We will also work with the facilitator to ensure we capture their specific requirements.

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