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Different sectors have unique requirements for chemical process safety. Here at Saltegra, we are dedicated to helping clients in a wide range of industries create a safer workplace and prevent incidents that may lead to employee injury and property damage.

Oil and Gas

Various chemicals—most of which are toxic and flammable—are used in the oil and gas industry. If a workplace incident occurs, employees' lives will be put at risk. Saltegra is here to help prevent these unfortunate circumstances as much as possible.


Ammonia Refrigiration

Anhydrous ammonia is quite toxic and can lead to various health complications if not handled properly. At Saltegra, we aim to keep employees in ammonia refrigeration facilities safe from the harmful effects of the substances they are exposed to.



Chemical plants are where various substances and compounds are created, stored, and processed. If a workplace incident happens in these facilities, employees could get injured and the surrounding environment can get damaged. That's why it's crucial to prevent these situations from ever occurring.



Different chemicals—some of which can be harmful—are used to create various products. This is why it's crucial to implement chemical process safety programs that can prevent workplace incidents to help protect manufacturing plant workers.



Drugs, vaccines, and other medical products are created using different chemicals. Because of this, pharmaceutical personnel may be exposed to dangerous substances at times. However, they can be protected if the facilities comply with chemical process safety standards.



The energy industry requires the use of highly hazardous chemicals that can cause employee injury and environmental damage if mishandled. Saltegra can help energy companies prevent or lessen these substances' harmful effects by developing safety programs.


Get in Touch With Us Today

Whether your company belongs to any of the industries stated above or you're operating in a different sector, Saltegra will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about the services we offer.



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