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Well-defined and systemic auditing that helps organizations verify their

standards conformance, ensuring that employees, communities, customers,

and the environment are properly protected

Compliance Audit

Compliance audit involves a systematic review process to ensure conformance and consistency with established standards and best practices. The audit determines if the management systems are in place, functioning properly, and implemented consistently. 

Audit Approach

For a successful and efficient assessment of the design and effectiveness of the process safety management system, a logical approach of collecting facts and information must be set. 

SALTEGRA's audit approach includes 5 steps:


The audit checklist contains questions the auditor employs to gather pieces of evidence to establish logical conclusions about the status of the PSM program. For efficiency, the document evaluation is started off-site prior to the compliance audit kick-off. On the other hand, further verification of findings from the off-site audit is conducted through an on-site audit of documents, field inspection, and document evaluation.



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