Michael Saura
Process Safety Consultant & PHA/LOPA Facilitator
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I'm Michael. 

Process safety and risk management can be overwhelming, confusing and expensive, but I'm sure we all know that it is 100% NECESSARY.

That is why as a consultant, I have made it my mission to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable process safety and risk management solutions to improve my clients' condition and achieve their process safety goals of reducing incidents.

I specialize in hazard identification and risk analysis such as HAZOP and LOPA studies. Unfortunately, these activities are often misunderstood, considered time sinks and boring.


Because I value my client team's time as much as identifying gaps in the process to ensure a safe operating environment, I leverage my 10+ years of engineering and consulting experience, the industry's latest tools, and techniques as well as lessons learned in facilitating each PHA study. I make sure that a detailed and in-depth analysis is not sacrificed while I strive to keep the team fully engaged and motivated.


    SALTEGRA is derived from the Latin words salvus for safety and integra for integrity, embodying the company's core values of promoting a culture of safety and upholding integrity in the work that we do and the relationships we build.    


Saltegra Consulting LLC

Newport Beach

California, USA

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